I met with the Fluxcore gang yesterday at Filter in Wicker Park. Narciso and Likalee joined us at the meeting. It was nice to have them back. I have a feeling this next show is going to be really great. The energy was back up yesterday. It’s good to be around good energy. The next event we are planning is called ‘Eskimo Party’. It will focus on indigenous and winter culture. I think we do better focusing on positive themes instead of negative ones. I did not think our ‘Death’ show was successful. I wasn’t sure if it was the theme or the overall energy of the show. I didn’t think we gave it our all for that show. I felt like we were too busy being negative and judgemental. It really does effect the work. I had almost lost faith in Fluxcore, but it has been redeemed. I guess I was focusing too much energy on the wrong people. We’ll see what happens next.

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