Over ten years ago, I was celebrating a rally for the Chicago White Sox. I actually posted a blog about it. This year, the curse has been broken for our Chicago Cubs who won the championship, which only took a 108 years to brake. This was the longest championship drought by any American sports team in history. This proves that slow and steady wins the race. I am not even a huge sports fan. I am a Cubs fan by default because I grew up and live in the north side of Chicago. However, there is something to be said about a town that celebrates its wins with fired up passion. We LOVE our sports teams. We are loyal to them through the test of time, even if it takes over 100 years. I was downtown during the Cubs parade and rally and I have to say it was a colossal event, just absolutely unreal. I have never seen the city like this. It was supposedly over 5 million people gathered in once place, the 2nd largest event gathering in the world. Crazy, right? I have to say it again, there’s no place like Chicago and I am proud to be a Chicagoan. Go Cubs Go!

chicago-cubs cubs-revolution cubs1

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