Hey. What a short weekend this was. I felt like I never left the office! That’s the worst feeling. On Friday, I went to see Antonia Contra’s opening at the Carrie Secrist Gallery in the gallery district of Chicago. Antonia is the chief director of Marwen, the institution I assistant teach at. It was a great show. She photographed little snippets of her trip to Italy this past summer. She took little Izones of the scenery. She inspired me to take little Izone photos too. I think I will do that for my next project. I guess it really does help to go to some art shows. They really do spark up the ideas. My favorite piece of hers was the light box installation with sound. I told her that the installation was my favorite piece. I was flattered when she told me she thought I would like that piece. I was thinking, gosh, she thought about me liking that piece – I guess it’s pretty flattering. She said this explains the reason why she had such an interest in my work.

On Saturday, I saw the great Renee Fleming perform in ‘Thais’ at the Lyric Opera. She was incredible. Her voice gave me goosebumps. And she was so beautiful on stage. “Thais’ was about a pagan courtesan who enchants a Cenobite monk. The sets were unbelievable. It was in French, which was a plus for me since I understood it for the most part. Most of the setting takes place in Ancient Alexandria. It wa a phenomenal opera. I liked it better thatn last year’s ‘La Boeme’.

On Sunday, I was ‘Nanook of the North’. It was serene and a bit depressing. I actually almost couldn’t stomach some of the hunting scenes. Anyway, it inspired me to work on my project for the Eskimo Show next month.

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