I went to my old grammar school last week for the last time. They are closing it down due to lack of funds to keep it running. I guess a Catholic educaiton is hard to come by these days. Yes! I went to a Catholic grammar school – which would explain a lot in reference to my work. It was really nostalgic walking through those old halls. I saw all the familiar faces. And of course they recognized me right away. I saw my fifth and sixth grade teachers and they remembered me right away. They brought up things that I totally don’t remember! Teachers do have amazing memories! They both told me that I was very artistic in their classes! I was glowing! It kind of reaffirmed what I need to do in this life. That was the turning point. When in doubt in this crazy world, just consult with your grammar school teacher and they will confirm your calling in life!

So it was both an enlightening and sad experience. Enlightening because I needed to hear those comments from my past teachers. Sad because it was the last time I’ll ever see Our Lady of Mercy School as it is. It will become a public school next year. It will never be the same. I feel like a part of my childhood has been taken away – and I know I will never get it back.

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