Damn. Just got in a couple of hours ago from Montreal. Our flight got canceled last night due to severe thunderstorms in Chicago. It was a pleasant accident because we got to stay an extra day in Montreal. We discovered an incredible area closer to the mountain on Rue St. Denis. It was lined with shops and restaurants occupied by mostly locals. You know it’s a good find when you see only locals hanging around. The rest of Rue St. Denis going toward the Old Port was congested with a bunch of stages for the Comedy Festival. It’s amazing how many festivals Montreal has. So my secret wish of staying one extra day came true. The plane ride back home took extra long. We were about a half hour delayed. I accidentally squirted some hand lotion across the aisle onto a woman’s face and her husband’s jacket. It was really funny. They had no idea where it came from. I was trying not to laugh but couldn’t help it – so I pretended to laugh at the tv screen because they were showing some comedy show. I sat next to a couple with a three month old baby who hysterically cried the entire time landing into Chicago. At that point I was so ready to be on solid ground. Anyway, back to the old routine here in Chicago. I am a little revived – ready to plan this next Fluxcore show!

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