Wassup y’all! Had a wonderful weekend that went too fast, as usual. Went to North Avenue beach on Saturday and it felt like Miami of California. They planted palm trees in the sand that looked like they were ready to die. I love going to Castaways, a bar right on the beach. It’s such a scene in the summertime. I really doesn’t feel like Chicago. I felt like I was on vacation. Pretty sweet. We really do make the most out of our summers here. This town rocks.

Later on in the evening, I went to check out a potential new space for Fluxcore’s TURN ON show. Likalee was the contact for these new people called Artist Relief. The space is called HAREM, and it was absolutely amazing. Man! I almost cried when I walked into this space. I couldn’t believe how beatiful it was. If all things work out, this would be the most beautiful space Fluxcore has set foot upon. And everyone was so nice and supportive. I couldn’t believe it – I thought I was dreaming. They had an amazing DJ booth – Asian style with a gong hanging from above. It really DID look like a harem. I can’t wait to have a show there!

Then me and the Fluxcore gang went to Zentra to check out DJ Psycho Bitch’s debut at her new residency there – and boy did it kick my ass! I had a crazy time dancing. It was out of control.

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