I went to the North Halsted Street Market Days this weekend. It was fun. I actually purchased some things from the vendors this year. I never really did that before. I was more interested in people watching and drinking in the previous years of the event. The weather was perfect, the music was great, the food was good, the liquor was overpriced, and the arts and crafts were fairly decent. I purchased a print from painter Steve Walker. It was an image of a day-dreaming wanna-be torero. I have a fascination with toreros. I find it to be an intriguing career, killing bulls. Although I could never see a bull stabbed and killed, even when I was in Spain. Actually, the one aspect I did not find so impressive this year was the people – haha, don’t mean to sound like such a prude, but I am just being honest. Actually, Market Days did not seem as impressive as it did a few years ago. Maybe I am just growing out of it. Or maybe my agenda has changed. I go there now to actually hear the music and see the art, not to hang out and get trashed. I did enjoy (as always) DJs Ralphi Rosario and Abel outside of Hydrate last night. There’s nothing more fun than dancing in the street. And I enjoyed Cecilia, a great band from New York that frequents Chicago venues. They have such good energy and their music is very catchy, soulful, and fun. I checked out the Human League performance last night and left after the third song. I like electro pop, but not when the band looked like they were absolutely bored on the stage while performing. So anyway, I had a ball. And it makes me sad that summer is almost over. It flew by ever so fast. I wish there was an extra month of summer. I think maybe it’s time to move to warmer weather. Chicago would be perfect if the winter here didn’t exist.

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