Hi guys:

Long time no blog. It’s been an eventfull last couple of weeks. The fashion show at the Park West went well. I got goose bumps watching the video I worked on on three huge screens. And then I turned the big 2-8, which was not that eventful. I do appreciate Harem for lettign me have my party there. Then there was the re-opening of Crobar, which was fantastic. Teri Bristol was spinning and it was fabulous! I was on the second level of Crobar for most of the evening just observing her. I loved the way she worked the crowd.

Then there was Eva and Lee’s Halloween Party two nights ago. I was a samurai (inspired by Kill Bill – a fabulous movie that you have to go see!), but I looked more like a geisha. It was too funny. I had white face paint on and a kimono. I had a long black wig that I tried putting into a ponytail but it ended up being a bun. I had to draw some facial hair on my face because I wasn’t getting the effect that I wanted. I had a really neat samurai sword that latched on to my obi. The party was a blast. Mostly everyone dressed up. I love the concept of Halloween. It is one of my favorite times of the year. I love how even though it’s geared toward children, adults get into it too. It’s one day of the year when everyone can be silly and not be self conscious about it.

OK, more to come in a few months. Stay tuned!

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