Hi guys! It´s 2:00 am in the morning here in Salvador, Brazil and I am REALLY toasty from some sakes I drank at the Japanese restaurant here. It had been a wonderful trip so far and I am sorry to say that it is half way over. But I have Rio de Janiero to look forward to in a few days and then back to Sao Paulo. We spent Christmas Eve in a small town called Olinda, off of Recife on the north eastern coast of Brasil. We spent the afternoon of Christmas Eve at the beach. We flew to Salvador on Christmas Day and spent it in the colonial area of the city called Pellerinho. Christmas if quite different here. Aside from the hot weather, it is less commercial as it is in the states. It is more family oriented – as it should be. Although I am spending Christmas away from my family in a foreign land. Pretty ironic. However, I am with good friends – and that is an extension of family.

I cannot get over how nice the people are in Brazil. I went clothes shopping today and the sales girl gave me a Brazilian kiss on both cheeks after she wrang me up. Wow! Can you imagine that happening in New York City? I think not.

OK, it is past my bedtime and people are giving me strange looks in the hotel lobby as I type this at 2:00am in the morning. Time for bed. Good night. Ciao Ciao.

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