Geez. I don’t know whether or not I should be glad to be back in Chicago. We were stuck in Atlanta early this morning transferring flights from Sao Paulo. Our plane had a leakage that was crucial to the air pressure inside the aircraft. I was ready to get the hell home.

Then, we had to stay up in the air flying in circles 60 miles away from Chicago because we weren’t cleared to land due to the snow storm. It was really nerve wrecking for me not to see the ground as we started landing. There is always comfort in seeing the buildings on the ground get bigger when landing, but the snow and clouds obstructed visibility. The first thing I was expecting to see was the runway cement of the airport – that’s how bad it was.

It’s kind of drastic returning to a snow storm from the beaches of Rio de Janeiro. Man, was it hard to come home today. But I am glad to be back in my house – typing on my own computer – seeing my family and friends and petting my dog again.

I will miss Brasil, but it’s good to be back home.

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