I just absolutely admire this guy as a musician and an activist – here’s an excerpt from Moby‘s Daily Journal about Janet Jackson’s exposed breast at the Superbowl…………..

hmm…janet jackson’s tassled breast…

people seem to be very upset about her quasi-exposed tassled breast. and i don’t want to seem like a cranky hippie, but what’s the big deal? and i don’t want to trot out the same old tired cliches, but why are people more upset about their children seeing a quasi-exposed tassled breast than about their children seeing people shot and killed during prime time dramatic tv? and let’s be realistic, ok? is there a child in tv-land who hasn’t seen a lot more than miss jackson’s tassled breast? show me a 10 year old boy who hasn’t seen an image of a naked breast and i’ll show you a child who either lives under a rock or will grow up to become a serial killer. breasts are fine. what’s the big deal about breasts?

eh, i know, i sound like a cliche’d chomskyite hippie, but what does it say about our culture that the same people who happily watch movies with their children wherein hundreds of people are decimated by automatic weapons fire are the same people who are outraged by a quasi-bare breast on television?

personally i’d rather live in a world with bare breasts and no automatic weapons fire as opposed to a world with no breasts and lots of automatic weapons fire. but i guess that makes me unpatriotic, or at least at odds with the zeitgeist, huh.


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