Man. Everyone was so cranky on the train to work today. Perhaps it was because the train was about twenty minutes delayed. Did I mention that CTA sucks? It’s like a necessary evil here in Chicago because driving to work and dealing with the traffic would be much worse.

My co-worked just told me that someone busted her windshield with a baseball bat while she was getting off the train from work. It happened west of my neighborhood in Rogers Park. We were just discussing how desperate people get for money around Christmas time. Man, that’s really messed up. I was just walking around State Street last night window shopping and got insulted by a bunch of thugs asking for donations because I only gave them two bucks. It was for some fundraiser they were working on. If you are asking for a donation, you shouldn’t be rude to your donor. If you were that thug who insulted me and you’re reading this, you’re fucking welcome. You’re lucky you got two whole dollars from me with your attitude.

I’m in kind of a bad mood today.

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