Did I ever talk about this website before? www.blackpeopleloveus

I don’t know if these people are for real. If they are, man do we have some seriously deluded people online. Sorry to be such a hater.

Oh, speaking of “hater”, here’s a definition my online friend, apeiron provided for me today. He posted it on a thread on the Fluxcore Message Board today.


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.
Considered the opposite of a raver, a hater is a person who is: full of hate, very judgmental, negative, sarcastic, depressing, manipulating, quick to finger point at every little thing they find unsatisfactory or not to their liking or perceived standard (judgmental).

Often the subject of the hatred is something widely liked by the hater’s social circle. The hater often proves the addage that “misery loves company”, and tries to ruin the enjoyment of others. Haters might see themselves as iconoclasts, rebels or even as being wiser/more authentic than the admirers of the subject. However, they are more likely just cynical and bitter about not enjoying the subject, or not being a part of the larger group. Instead of recognizing that it may be just a matter of personal taste or preference, they attack the subject and those enjoy it. Typically the things they propose as the flaws of the subject are trivial or subjective, and reveal more about the hater than any real flaws of the subject.

The hater/raver terminology might have evolved from the rave subculture, but both terms can applied to just about any human endeavor or interest. Every band, movie, cause, activity, flavor or what have you, has its ravers and haters.

The most insulting and offending word to a raver is not “fucker”, but “hater”.

In 2001, a new word “judger” was created, and is now similarly offensive to ravers.

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