OK, as you can see, I am yet again redesigning my website. I just can’t make up my mind. I am such an undecisive little Libra. Well, I guess it’s time for change. It has been over a year since the current version of SAGERON.COM has been updated. At any rate, expect to see some changes on the website. I am kind of looking for a cleaner look.

Also, things have been really busy with me. I am starting a new company with some great people I have met over the last couple of years. I consider myself very lucky to have met such amazing people over such a short amount of time. I have to pinch myself sometimes just thinking about it. I guess all those years of dealing with flakes and struggling paid off. I am a true believer that you just have to be open to that kind of pure, good energy flow and doors will start opening. There will be much to look forward to hopefully in the near future, so stick around.

Also, my group Fluxcore just had a fantastic event last Friday at the Aguirre Duron Gallery. I am a director of Fluxcore, and over the last couple of months I felt so stressed out with the last two shows (not to mention dealing with some psycho-ass people from Mars – and if you’re reading this, I suggest you get some help) that we did because they were such big productions. Last Friday’s “Polaris” was an event where I just wanted to kick back and relax. And I think everyone felt that vibe last week. It really felt like our old Fluxcore shows when we first started out three years ago. The vibe was great. I felt the good energy in the crowd. And all of us at Fluxcore had so much fun. It was a show that we wanted to have fun at because it had been such a stressful past several months.

So, I really feel like Fluxcore needs to take a break and probably resurface in the summer with smaller events here and there. One of our main artists and cyber fairy, Likalee, just moved to New York City, so there is a bit of disturbance in the force, but we will recover and reconnect. It’s all a cycle.

Oh, and it’s official. I just purchased my Technics DJ turntables and a decent mixer (for a change). I am very excited. I have been dreaming about Technics turntables for the last two years. I can’t believe I own some now! Here’s to long nights of mixing Deep House baby!

Well, OK, I have much to post in the near future about some exciting things coming up, but I don’t want to jinx them right now, so I won’t tell.

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