Just the other night, my production and marketing company Insite had the pleasure of working with Bella Lounge for the wrap-up party of the film “The Break Up” starring Vince Vaughn and Jennifer Aniston. It was a bit nerve-wrecking preparing for the party, especially an hour before the event started when we had to rearrange everything that we had initially set up several hours before. But the night was success. I would like to thank Erika at Bella for supporting us and for everyone that helped out.

My online t-shirt store is up and running. Why don’t you check it out and buy some merchandise? www.cityboyonline.com. The City Boy crew shared a booth again this year with Jim and “Wear Me Out” Shirts. It was loads of fun. I had a new shirt design entitled “Reality Whore”, which featured a girl’s face on a TV screen. And guess who showed up at our booth? The Real World Road Rules Challenge girls, Rachel and Veronica. They were both amused by the “Reality Whore” t-shirt. It was actually inspired by them. They started their own t-shirt company called “College Drop Out”. Here’s a pic from the festival –

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