Ron of Japan – Chapter II, Kyoto

Hi all. Wow, I am templed out here in Kyoto, we visited about 10 temples over the last two days, and they have been all amazing. Kyoto is an unbelievably amazing ancient city with hundreds of Buddhist and Shinto temples, beautiful arts and crafts, and the most amazing restaurants.

I spotted a couple of geishas last night in the Gion District, which is the main high class entertainment area here in Kyoto. It was really unbelievable. The streets of Gion are lined with countless high end restaurants and bars literally on top of each other. There are bars on various floors within each building. Most restaurants are secluded and discreet for privacy. Everyone seems so secretive in Gion. There are a lot of fast sliding doors closing once the geisha and entertainers say good bye to their patrons in this district. I don’t see this area catering to the Gaijin (foreigners) very much. It is really an interesting culture here in Kyoto. You see a lot of women wearing traditional kimono, scurrying around to different shops and restaurants. Kyoto is the self-proclaimed cradle of Japanse society, so you can only imagine the tradition here.

We take the bullet train back to Tokyo tomorrow. I’ll keep you posted.

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