Ron of Japan – Chapter III – 30 in Tokyo

I turned thirty years old today in Tokyo. I really do not feel any different. I am still a kid at heart. We went to the main temple today at Asakusa. I admit I got a little emotional. It had been a perfect day. Last night, we had dinner with Corey and his friends, all ex-pats here in Tokyo: P.J. from Chicago, Mark from New York, Nanako (who is half Japanese, half German) from Hamburg, and Rita (who is half Japanese, half Norwegian) from Oslo.

We went to P.Js place by Harajuku in this area called Jingumae. He had an amazing roofdeck with a great view of the skyline. Then, we went out to dinner at a fusion restaurant called Legato. The food was not especially great and we left hungry, but the setting was amazing. It had a very dramatic renaisance Italian theme, and we had our own private dimly lit room overlooking part of the Tokyo skyline. I felt like I was in some sort of Goth movie. It was really incredible.

Then, we went to this expat bar called Heartland, which was actually in Ropongi Hills, one of your favorite places in Tokyo. But the bar was really not that impressive, so we ended the evening at the bar at the Grand Hyatt, which was absolutely fabulous. Not bad for a thirtieth birthday celebration. It was a really chic lounge with a jazz band, and it had an old fashioned feel to it. A few more of Nanakos friends showed up, but I was pretty plastered at that point.

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