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It’s been a week since I’ve returned from Japan, and it feels great to be home here in Chicago. Go Sox! Hey, I am a North Sider, but the Sox are from Chicago too, right? It is strange going back and noticing little things, like department store employees not greeting you when you walk into their store, or cab drivers not helping you put your luggage into the trunk of their vehicle. I got spoiled with the overwhelming politeness in Japan. The edicate is just so different here in the United States. Coming from such a refined and culturally saturated society such as Japan, I can only imagine what the Japanese think of Americans when they travel to the United States. My guidebook for Japan mentioned something about the overwhelming politeness visitors receive when they visit Japan, but I wonder what Japanese guidebooks say about visiting America? Do they say, “don’t be offended by rude Americans, it’s just their culture”?

Even in such a huge city like Tokyo, which is the size of four New York Cities, I never encountered a rude person – well, only Gaijin (Foreigners) living in Tokyo. New York, on the other hand, is a different story. Well, sorry if I sound like I’m bitching, I am sure I will get used to my aggressive American ways once I get situated back in Chicago.

Check out my pictures:

Me on my birthday at the Asakusa Kannon Temple in Tokyo

Me and DJ Heather at Club La Fabrique, Tokyo

Me and the Harajuku Girls in Harajuku, Tokyo

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