2008 is almost over

Wow. It has been an amazing and challenging year for me. Earlier this year, I got out of an eight and a half year relationship, lost my job, moved out of my place, and faced the garbage in my life – and it has all been such an amazing experience. I wouldn’t trade it for anything. I wouldn’t be where I stand today had I not gone through what I experienced.

I’d like to list the things I didn’t fulfill on this year:

I didn’t make the six figure salary I had said I would.

I didn’t pay off all my debt.

I didn’t meet my soul mate (at least I’m not aware that I did – that is still unfolding, so I won’t say that I didn’t).

I didn’t have any delicious romantic relationships this year.

I didn’t have my music on sale on iTunes.

I did have a fabulous new life in my new place on Lake Shore Drive, but I didn’t decorate it like I said I would – that is still a work in progress.

I am not as ripped as I said I would be, but I definitely worked our more diligently this year, and I have the guns to prove it.

I didn’t grow my insurance business like I said I would.

I don’t have an Illinois driver’s license yet! And I didn’t get a Mini Cooper.

I was not in New York City every other month.

I didn’t partner up with Garnetta to create havoc in the dance music world and give DJs out there a run for their money.

I will have the career of my dreams.

I don’t have a U.S. passport yet.

The sex department has been “OK” (mom, I hope you’re not reading this)

I achieved grace and ease, but I am not sure about nobility.

I didn’t buy an Apple laptop, I bought an HP instead and it’s fabulous.

My web development job didn’t work out like I planned it would.

I didn’t travel to Europe with my mom this year.

Here’s what I accomplished this year:

I did the Wisdom Course and I am much wiser, unhookable with drama in my life, fun, graceful, playful, and easy going.

I found spirituality in Kabbalah, and I am the most centered and at peace that I’ve ever been in my life – even in the darkest moments – and this year has certainly had a lot of challenging and trying situations for me. I am so present to people’s energy and the energy of a space.

I’ve never laughed more in my life.

I am leading introductions to the Landmark Forum effectively.

I’ve had one of the funnest and care free summers ever.

I went sailing.

I went to Denver.

I’ve fallen in love.

I’ve fallen out of love.

I did the Wisdom Course.

I’ve had transformational training up the wazoo.

I’ve made invaluable new and amazing friends for life.

I had reiki done on me for the first time.

OK! So now that that’s complete, this is what I am creating for 2009:

I will have the relationship of my dreams (it’s already brewing!)

I will have a six figure salary.

I will travel to Israel.

I will travel to New York and Miami on business.

I will create partnerships with creative visionaries and build an abundant business that is innovative and cutting edge.

All my participants in the ILP will be candidated at the end of the program.

I will launch the Fluxcore website with Harrison and it will be successful beyond our wildest dreams.

I will get deeper into my Kabbalah studies and remove chaos from the world.

I will be the fittest I’ve ever been, and I will be doing so much yoga! You will not recognize me!

I will be treating my body like a temple and be responsible for what I put in it – I will eat healthier – foods that have a lot of light in them.

I will sleep better.

I will redecorate my place making it a sacred space of tranquility – somewhere where I can calm my mind and nurture my heart.

I will have my first album available for sale in iTunes.

I will be working with the creative community in Chicago.

I will get involved with the film industry.

I will audition for and land a role in a play and an indie film.

I will get a U.S. passport.

I will finally get an Illinois Drivers’ License!

I will go to Europe.

I will lead to over 100 people effectively as an Introduction Leader.

I will be fun, play and ease – with the intentionality of a Jedi Master.

1 thought on “2008 is almost over

  1. Abby says:

    You should get your driver’s license. I just got mine a little over a year ago and lemme tell ya, it’s very liberating driving your own car. I hope it’s one of many things you accomplish this year. MUAH!


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