I just quit my job. I still can’t believe it. I have been with my firm for almost nine years. And now, I am about to jump into my marketing agency full time. It’s going to be a hustle baby – but really folks I just want to tell you that “I’m a Hustler Baby…And I want you to know….It’s not where I’ve been….It’s where I’m about to go…”

Speaking of hustlers, I work with a bunch of them. This industry is cut throat, and people are more than willing to bite the hand that feeds them. For real though…I have been working on and off in the scene over the last several years, and I feel as though I help and give and help and give and people just take take and take. I am only criticized and scrutinized for all my efforts to help these ingrates out. But that’s about to change. No more Mr. Nice Guy. Well, I’ll take that back. I’ll still be nice, but I won’t help you up if you are dangling from a bridge if it’s going to affect my bell-being, dig? Anyway, more later.

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