24 Hour Road Trip

I took a road trip to Minneapolis within a 24 hour time frame yesterday and it was a really great experience.  I went with two of my colleagues, Akis and Collins.  We were heading to Minneapolis for a leadership training work day for introductory work shops we lead for Landmark, a global personal growth and development company.  It was a six and a half hour drive each way and we talked most of the time.  I really got to know them in a whole new level, learning their life stories and opinions.  People were so welcoming at the work day.  I saw so many familiar faces who have gone to Chicago for various events.  I thought to myself, these are some of the best people on earth, people who want to make a difference, and who are committed to the workability in their lives and others.  I really got a sense of the global community I am a part of and was humbled and honored to be there.  Life was great.  It was worth the 6 and a half hour drive each way.


Wisconsin at dawn Hello Minneapolis Back in Wisconsin en route to Chicago

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