Hello. I am sitting in Tiffany’s house once again discussing team crap. I think we got some stuff done tonight. It just seems like we keep talking around in circles. I can’t believe I am missing Janet Jackson in concert on cable for this stuff.

Oh Kayee Ron, WHUTEVR! Anywayz, yeah, we’re here. This is teammate numero once. It does suck in the sense that we are trying to determine what we need to do for our game and we are being led by thee BUHLIND! So yeah, LINK ME UP RON! Sounds like Scotty beam me up. At least, we are trying. There is half of us present and another who called and discussed with us. That’s more than 50% of the team on a Sunday. Oaky, you can link me up another day, I’m not ready for it today. I agree with numero 2 y 1024, what is the point of the class assignments? HELLLOOOOO? Is it for us or the TEECHER?


i {Randall} am at TIffany’s house right now…..wow, tiffany is a good Bartender….. well i’ve been here about 5 hours! wow! anyway we even missed the simpson, that’s how we were into this lovely TEAM meeting! yes yes yes ninja ninja ninja!

Que Pasa ?? Way to link it all up Ron!! Furry Furry Furry! Shrimp from the shrimp farmis seperated like a buttox. Weird. Can’t we all just do this adler thing and quit squabbling? Tif goes to make another round of buttery nipples

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