Had a very eventful weekend. I saw Monster’s Ball with Hale Berry and Billy Bob Thornton on Friday. I actually liked it for what it was – a well written story with great editing and decent character development. I dug the music too. The setting was a weird nostalgic vision of the South. Anyway, I don’t recommend it highly – but if you’d like to feel morbid, go check it out.

I met with the FluxCore gang on Saturday. We are already making plans for our next show scheduled to proceed in May. It was a little intense because there was about fifteen of us at the meeting. The group dynamics were so diverse – we had business and “structured” folks at one end of the spectrum and free flowing artists on the other end. I could definately see some head-butting in the future, but I truly believe that we balance each other our in this collective. We all went to Anonymous Federated after the meeting – it was a very design-filled day….yay!

On Sunday I met with my Adler Planetarium team to discuss new storyboards for our Astrobiology game. Things are looking good so far this semester with my team. I really enjoyed working on class stuff while having a beer.

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