Funny that I mention cyclical themes. I went to my senior seminar class last night and got a chance to sit in a private lecture given by Hague Williams. He is initially a print maker, but is currently doing some multi media work. His prints consist of simple shapes and intricate textures. He uses circles a lot, which symbolize cycles. Anyway, I really admired some of his work and concepts. It’s always a great opportunity to hear other artists speak about their process. I think a lot of artists are deprived of this, and it is such a shame. We should communicate more with each other. Here is a flash animation Hague did about the giant metronome in Prague, Czek Republic (which is my next destination in Europe) METRONOME :: The piece is about the different foreign powers that have taken over the city of Prague throughout history. Hague used a distinct symbol for each era. He reversed each power’s anthem for the piece’s sound. It’s quite amusing. Check it out.

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