My team, A.L.F.A. Squad [Alien Life Form Artists], presented Planet X today in class. I had to do the introductions. As usual, I got really nervous and missed some keys points. But I think it went pretty well — at least people told me it went welll — just like people told me the presentation at the Museum of Contemporary Art went well. When I speak in front of people, I just get lost in the moment and then it’s over and I know nothing much of what happened. Anyway, today was the first milestone of the week. Now time for a final exam on the Middle East, a final presentation [web component] of The Veil (actually, it’s version 1 of the web component of The Veil, but my teacher doesn’t know that), final touches to my DVD project, and a perfect performance of my monologue for acting class! Phew!!! I NEED a vacation!

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