I saw an exhibition by Todd Slaughter yesterday at the Chicago Cultural Center. Good thing I caught it too because it was the final day of the exhibition. It was awesome. I really needed some installation inspiration for my persoanl exhibition in the fall and by Jove! I think I got it! The coolest one was called “Comfort Zone” – which was a mini house covered with hands. I sat on the chair inside the little house and that triggered a projection to play above on the ceiling. It was really creepy. They were images of silhouettes on the roof. The sounds in the house were really creepy too – thumps that got louder and louder. As the thumps got louder, more shadows filled the rooftop – so it gave me the feeling that the roof was going to cave in on me. There was also a tower-like exhibit that I actually climbed. There was a chair on top of it and I could peek through certain holes. The tower was made out of grey wool. I got some ideas from the concept to create my human-sized veil for the exhibition this fall. Now that I have more free time – I can venture out and look at art a lot more. This is great.

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