Bonjour! Salutations from Montreal, Quebec Canada – the closest thing to being in Europe on this side of the Atlantic. Everything rocks here – the restaurants, the shopping, the nightlife – and everything is super reasonable. I am really loving the American dollar on this trip. I’ve been here six times, but I really explored the city on this trip. I’ve been power walking everyday, so my feet are ready to fall off. I actually ran down the mountain yesterday – literally. The people here are so nice. Probably nicer than the Parisians. We walked around the Old City yesterday. It reminded me of London with a few touches of Paris here and there. It is really beautiful there. I am actually off to the Vieux Motreal right after I write this Blog to meet Lee for lunch. Ahhh – vacations are great – all you have to worry about is what to eat and what to see. Salut.

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