Phew! Just heard from my advisor for my independent project. I was freaking out because I thought I had to turn in my independent project by this Friday. Turns out the he needs more time – so he extended the deadline to October 1st. Gosh, I love extensions of deadlines – they are like a breath of fresh air. Now I can chill out and take more time to work on my interactives for my solo exhibition in October for this independent project. I just met with the director of the Alumni Gallery at Marwen this evening. We discussed the layout of the exhibition. I am planning to purchase a black tent to house my video piece. He sounded pretty enthusiastic about the idea. It made me feel pretty good. I love it that I will be the first to do an “installation” piece there (if it is approved).

Also, the Select 04 Release Party will be taking place at Buddy: 1542 N. Milwaukee Avenue | 2nd Floor this Friday (August 30th). It should be a fun time. H3RO, Narciso and Mark Denardo will be exhibiting work.

And last but not least. Here’s a band I came across on the internet. I actually heard about it from my old bassist. It’s just funny because it used to be our old band’s name WAX POETIC. The site is It is really quite funny. I saw it and laughed. I thought to myself “Gee, that’s how the words WAX POETIC look on an actual album cover” since our band never ended up cutting an album. The funny thing is that this Wax Poetic’s music is the ideal music that I would have played in our old band. It’s jazzy with a hip-hop and electronic edge. My Wax Poetic only played rock music. I really wanted us to do more of what this band is playing. It’s funny how things end up sometimes.

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