I wanted to write a post today to acknowledge how grateful I am for my mom. It’s Mothers’ Day today. Normally we would be out at a restaurant together but they are all restricted for dining due to the Corona Virus pandemic shelter in place rules enforced by our government. So today, I did a quick FaceTime call with my mom and sister during their lunch. I have always appreciated my mom, especially on Mothers’ Day, but I feel more grateful today for her. Maybe it’s because it seems like we have been forced to pause, reflect and take the time to appreciate everything in our life during these days of confinement in our homes (it’s amazing how it took a pandemic for the whole world to take the time to do that). Maybe it’s because I lost my mother-in-law this past September and I am so very present to how precious our time is together here.

Whatever the reason, I invite you to take a pause and appreciate your mother. I invite you to appreciate all mothers. I have been blessed enough to have been raised by women of strength in my family who have huge amazing hearts and unbreakable faith. If you have had a less than decent upbringing and experience with your mother, or if you are estranged from her, I have compassion for you – and I’d still encourage you to appreciate her, because you wouldn’t have been brought into this world without her. If your mother is no longer with you on this Earth, I too have compassion for you. Believe this or not, but you can still talk to her because she is always with you. Thank you to all the moms out there.

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