I was born in the Philippines and grew up in Chicago.  At a very young age, I was surrounded by music and the arts, attending theater with my mother regularly and taking music and art classes.  From this exposure, I developed a profound appreciation for the arts.  During my college years, I formed my first arts collective that showcased work in various venues around Chicago such as the Museum of Contemporary Art, the Chicago Cultural Center and the Athenaeum Theater. 

After a long-term relationship ended, I began my journey into personal growth and development, where I was trained as an effective coach and leader in transformational conversations.  It was at this point I was introduced to Kabbalah, the ancient spiritual technology (and it wasn’t by Madonna). My studies then led me to realizing my ability to heal both physical and emotional illnesses, and I am currently a Reiki Master and practice other healing modalities. 

My life’s mission is that every person finds their light and passion.  I am honored to be connected to the amazing people who have mentored me through my journey and supported me in expanding my consciousness around abundance, prosperity and well-being. Life is an ongoing process and I am enjoying the ride. I invite you to do the same.