I stopped by the Alchemy Arts, Inc. store yesterday on Bryn Mark because I had a few minutes to spare before my Reiki session.  That store always intrigued me every time I passed it on my way to my client’s house.  When I think of alchemy I think of the occult.  And that opens up a whole other world of things that could make one feel uneasy, with topics such as the supernatural and magic.  So I walked through the store and looked through some of the books.  There were interesting books about angels and demons and ways to protect yourself and there was a book about the Kabbalah. So many different avenues to explore and so little time.  There was a group gathering on the other side of the store.  They were eating goodies and chatting, and they all sat in a semi circle.  I was beginning to think they were about to start a ritual.  Who knew?

copperbracelet I was drawn to some copper bracelets that were on top of a display next to the pendulums.  Of course I was hovering my hands over the to see which one I connected to the most energetically and there was the one that stood out.  It’s pull was strong.  I read the description of it and it said it was copper and magnet.  Copper supposedly has healing qualities and has been used by many people throughout the centuries as a healing tool.  Magnets are also a source of healing when close to the body.  Just think of NIkken and how they use magnets to heal people.  So I had to get the bracelet.  Thought it would be a nice addition to my dozens from bracelets I find here and there.  Check out copper and magnets and see what you come up with.  I’ve had in on for a day now and I feel great.  Of course I am a true believer that it is also the energy you project into the object to activate it’s healing capabilities.

Anyway, it was a good purchase and a great experience at the Alchemy Arts, Inc. store. How perfect for just a couple of days before Halloween!

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