I’ve been meaning to post about the documentary “Amy” about Amy Winehouse’s life and death. I liked her music and I thought her voice was pretty exceptional. It was recommended by a friend and  Reiki Teacher (I’m sure she channeled the message for me to see it). I was completely enamored by her story. Here’s this typical London Jewish girl who had an amazing gift of music: hearing it, composing it and expressing it through her voice. I was never really a huge fan of Amy Winehouse and I actually joined in the ridicule of her drug induced fog. But after seeing the documentary I really felt bad about making fun of her drug abuse. I think it’s actually very sad and I admit that I felt like an insensitive asshole making light of it like the media did.

The media made it into a circus, selling magazines and internet advertisements. I believe that people who possess such great gifts like Amy can often be led astray if they do not have the spiritual foundation and environment that some artists and creative visionaries have. And sometimes the Light they have to share with the world is so strong that they can’t handle it, and it drives them crazy. I think that’s what happened to her. And no matter how much the media pitches her drug induced story that everyone ate up, the bottom line here is that we really don’t know what people are dealing with even if its glossed up, airbrushed and spoon fed to you online, on TV or the magazines. I had a whole new appreciation and compassion for Amy Winehouse after seeing this documentary and I highly recommend it. It even made me start listening to her music differently, not taking it for granted

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