Chicago North Halsted Street Market Days

This weekend was one of summer’s last stands – The North Halsted Street Market Days. And it happened in my neighborhood of Lake View. I love and hate living in the heart of these activities because you get a lot of the energy and excitement right at your doorstop, and you also get a lot of other stuff on your doorstep that’s not so great 😉

One of the highlights of the event this year for me was seeing Andy Bell of Erasure perform all the awesome Erasure songs I grew up listening to.  It’s the best feeling being able to sing every single word of a song, especially when you are in an outdoor concert or festival during the summer.  I got really choked up to be in the presence of such a great musician, someone who I really admire as a songwriter.  Seeing Andy Bell really inspired me to keep writing music from my heart.  Maybe when my songs come out it will inspire someone else just like Andy inspired me when I was a kid.

Here are my photos from Market Days:

Chicago North Halsted Street Market Days 2013
Me and the girls



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