Chillin’ in Puerto Vallarta

I don’t want to go home yet. Puerto Vallarta is soooo nice! I love it down here. Our hotel is about four miles from the Malecon, the center of town. We are right by the Marina, so it is much quieter here. We have been going to town every night to check out the nightlife. Puerto Vallarta is a party town, but it is also really mellow and laid back. I really like the Romantic Zone, which is south from the Malecon. It is a much more slower pace, and not so touristy like the center of town. There is a strange Chicago connection here in Puerto Vallarta. We had dinner at the Kit Kat Lounge down here, which is also in Chicago. I didn’t make the connection until I saw the logo while sitting in the restaurant here.

Did I mention that I LOVE MEXICO. Check this pic out of me standing on top of The Temple of the Moon in Teotehuacan, which is about an hour drive from Mexico City.

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