I saw “Coco Before Chanel” the other night.  I appreciate fashion and Chanel is an icon in the fashion industry. I am also a big Audrey Tautou fan, who plays Coco Chanel in the film.  And of course, it was set in France and I love France – I was French in a past life…

What I really appreciated about her story is that she lived her art. She used her talent to contribute to people’s lives. It was all about the development of her artistry for the sake of the art, not the ego. 

Coco really listened to her calling, like when she decided not to pursue singing anymore and eventually opened up her own shop in Paris. It was very much about what the world demanded versus what she thought she wanted.  How many times have your heard of stories about people struggling to make use of their God given talent versus what they think they should do?  I know I have that internal dialogue in my head sometimes about what I am called to do with my life and what I think I should do.  

Anyway, that was my take on the story of Coco Chanel, it was about the art, the legacy of her work, and the gift she had of having an eye for beauty and simplicity.  I highly recommend seeing this film for those who want to get inspired about their life’s work. 


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