Completion is a good thing. It allows us to close a chapter and start fresh. My circle of friends has the good practice of creating their life, not being at the effect of life. When you don’t create you will be stuck with what’s already there. Don’t get me a wrong-most of the time, there’s nothing wrong with what’s already there. It’s just the opportunity to be the creator of your life versus being a victim or powerless.

With that said, I am declaring 2013 compete for me, and I acknowledge all things I didn’t do that I said I would do, and all the things I did accomplish, and all the things I did accomplish and do that weren’t even in my radar. And I am creating a new year of abundance, love, untold joy, fulfillment, divine inspiration, juicy creativity and being a Superstar!

Here are some great recommendations from The Law of Attraction page I follow on Facebook:

Live without preteding,

Love without depending,

Listen without defending,

Speak without offending

Here’s another blog that lists 20 things to let go of for the new year: 20 Things To Let Go Of Before The New Year by @ShannonLKaiser via @MindBodyGreen

Aren’t these great?!

Go forth and be prospeorous. Happy New Year!

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