reality-checkI’m reading a very interesting book called “The Gifts of Imperfection” by Brené Brown, Ph.D. There’s a particular excerpt that I wanted to reference that I felt is relevant to what I’m dealing with right now. She talks about practicing critical awareness by reality-checking. She says from the time we wake up to the time our head hits the pillow we are bombarded my messages and expectations about every aspect of our lives. We are flooded by messages from social media, television, advertising, commercials, and they all tell us what we should look like, how much we should weigh, what kind of car we should drive, what kind of house we should live in, what kind of friends we should have, what kind of partner we should be with, etc. I think that we are bombarded by messages and expectations of living inside of the status quo. When I go on Facebook, I always wonder if that’s really how people live or just a front – is it real life or your fake life that you post about, something that’s fabricated by posed photos.

Here are some questions she provided about reality-checking (we need to be able to ask and answer these questions for ourselves)

  1. Is what I am seeing real? Do these images convey real life or fantasy?
  2. Do these images reflect healthy, wholehearted living? Or do they turn my life, my body, my family, and my relationships into objects or commodities?
  3. Who benefits by my seeing these images and feeling bad about myself? Hint: this is ALWAYS about money and/or control

I think these are great questions to ask yourself.

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