Here are a couple of song album covers I designed for my band, Heshvan.  I had fun working on these.  They all had their own little story.  There is the cover for “Young Roads”, the very first single I ever wrote with Mary Eckman.  David (Manakin), the other half of Heshvan suggested I use the photo of myself as batman when I was a little boy.  So I used it and put some narly Hawiian surf font on the cover.  The second one is  “Sindustry”, which was inspired by the “Lost Boys” and “Sin City”.   And last, but not least is the image for “Deliverance”, which was designed around the time the Pope made a public statement against homosexuality, and I thought I’d include Jesus on the cover since he preached “love thy neighbor as yourself”.  I was always so fascinated by the crown of thorns so I played around with the texture of it in the background.   Enjoy!

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