I Don’t Believe in Resolutions

Happy 2022! I wanted to grab your attention with the title for this post. I used to do New Year resolutions but stopped for the last several years since I’ve been around mentorship, personal development and coaching. I think that New Years resolutions are nice ideas at most and they can inspire you for a brief moment but the only thing that lasts is habits and consistency. John Maxwell said “you’ll never change your life until you change something you do daily”. So if you have resolutions but you don’t have a structure for fulfillment on them, then it’s more like wishful thinking. It’s all in your daily habits, and what you do daily will compound. If you eat a hamburger and fried food every day then your health will look different after a year. Same goes with your finances. It you don’t get your finances under control and maintain that daily over time then you will most likely be broke. It’s a science. 

I went to the gym New Years Day. It’s been a tradition because I believe that starting the year off with good habits informs my brain that the rest of the year should be like that. But the trick here is doing it even when you don’t want to because you are committed to a specific result, and that’s what separates the men from the boys. Just watch how gym attendance dwindles down after the new year. Health clubs actually rely on that. If people went all the time their facilities would be overwhelmed. Just sharing my thoughts guys! Remember, it’s not about what you do for New Year, it’s about what you do for the rest of the year that really counts! 

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