Fundraising Fun

Last night I deejayed for a fundraiser for The Last Match Theatre Company at Kincade’s in Lincoln Park. It was one of those events where I didn’t know what to expect as far as the crowd vibe, but then again how do you ever expect the crowd vibe to be a cetain way other than coming from a place of having a say in how it’s going to go?

So I realized that I was trying to do it right with choosing the right tracks to play. And then I started trusting myself and going with the flow, and that’s when I experienced what I usually experience as a DJ being completely used by the music. It was fun. Didn’t think that would happen – so thank you Jennifer! Thanks for the opportunity.

I was watching everyone dance at the end of the night and it was one of those moments – the kind where you think it looks a certain way? Like people having a few drinks and losing their inhibitions and dancing as if no one was watching. But what I saw about last night was that when we were kids we didn’t care if anyone was looking while we danced.

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