Get to the Source of It.

It’s been a minute since my last post. So much as happened. No surprise, right? Moved into a new spot in Boystown. Right in the heart of it, actually. Kind of concerned and sad about all the violence that’s been happening in my neighborhood. I went to the town hall meeting addressing the violence, stayed for 45 minutes and listened and then left. I didn’t hear that we were getting close to a solution to the violence issues. It sounded more like a blame game: who should we blame? The cops? The alderman? The black people? Unless we start getting to the source of this that makes it work for everyone the violence will perpetuate. You cannot disappear something that hasn’t been addressed at the source. It will keep showing up.

On a happier note, I have been recording the Heshvan album with David Jeffery Taylor aka Manakin, and it was been such a blast! I really enjoy our collaboration together and it’s definitely given me the opportunity to grow and expand musically, mentally and emotionally. I love working with great creative people. Stay tuned for the release of the first single later this summer and the album in the fall.

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