Good year so far

Man, this has been a good year so far. I have lots to tell you. In January, I was invited to go to R. Kelly’s birthday party with my good friends, Soraya and Leticia. It was quite an experience. I felt like such an R&B groupie! We had to ride out to Chicago Heights, where we were picked up by a bus that drove us to his residence – yep, that’s right! We went to R. Kelly’s birthday party at his house! I wish I had photos to show you, but we weren’t allowed to take in any cameras. I wasn’t so crazy about his place, but it was great people watching, and he performed right in his living room! Stage lights and all. The man sounded great! I couldn’t believe I was standing there watching and hearing him sing. So, thank you Soraya for an incredible evening at Mr. Kelly’s house. I will always remember that night! Ha!

I have met some amazing people so far this year, and have reconnected with old friends. And I can’t believe it’s only April! I have joined the DreamTeam with Erlinda, Jamie and Umesh for a business that will enable you to fully realize your dreams – isn’t that awesome? It’s called DreamBooking, check it out I brought in an amazing visionary to be our partner in technology. His name is Maciej – from Poland, an incredible guy! So that makes up the DreamTeam, and DreamBooking is going to explode this year!

I’ve also been working with Harrison on the new Fluxcore reinvention. We are having so much fun playing around with new concepts and ideas for the website. What I am out to create for Fluxcore is a global movement in connectedness and abundance for all creative visionaries. Fluxcore will be exploding this year too! There is so much in the works I can hardly contain myself!

I just started working with my kabbalah teacher one on one, and it has already been a very grounding experience. I am so hungry for more knowledge and the use of the spiritual tools this wisdom offers. It’s been a life-altering ride already! I will be going to Pesach next week in San Diego, and I am soooooo excited! I am jumping in, baby!

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