I am very optimistic about this year. Last night I wrote a list of accomplishments from the previous year that I completed, big and small. I also wrote down things that I learned about myself in 2020, like the ability to honor and maintain my budget, being OK to say no to things and invitations that aren’t aligned with my values and goals, taking the time to appreciate the simple things, and learning how to be a better cook due to being home most of the time (I had a lot of fun doing this and even surprised myself several times).

It has really been a year of self reflection and strengthening my connection to spirituality and who I am. I also feel that it has been a year of building foundations for the future. I know that there will be some work to be done in 2021, and the main things I see to focus on are appreciation and intentionality. As it has been said, we cannot control what life brings to us but we can most certainly control who we be about it and how we react.

I had the privilege of participating in some spiritual and personal growth Zoom sessions last night before the New Year and one big thing I got value from in the calls was the inquiry of what we can create and practice in 2021, which I’d like to share with you. Some of things that inspired me from the notes I took are:

Seeing every day as  a magical creation

Having wonder in my life

Practice being present now

Being healthy, wealthy and wise

Being joyful to be alive

Practice being more generous

Increasing the practice of appreciation

Being in the space of miracles

Expanding my capacity to really listen

Letting go of worry

Acknowledging and celebrating incremental improvements


These are just some of the ideas from the list in my notes and I hope this has inspired you as it has inspired me. I invite you to embrace the blank future that stretches out before you. It really is a new era.

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