Happy New Year from Mexico City!

Wow, I can’t believe it’s 2007. I had such a great day today. We walked around the Polanco area of Mexico City, and it was fabulous. It was really chill, and the day couldn’t have been more beautiful. It was a peaceful New Year here in Mexico City.

Lots of New Year goals this year. I don’t really like the word resolution, because it sounds like you are obliged to fix something. I am not interested in fixing things. I am interested in making things work. So this year, I am setting a lot of goals for myself, and I have never been so clear about what I want to accomplish in 2007. I am going to make a lot of great music, a lot of great websites and multimedia, and a lot of great acting roles this year. I am going to be Ronstoppable. My little sister, Toni and her friends gave me that nickname this summer, and I like the way it sounds. Leave it up to young minds to create something inspirational.

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