Are You Afraid of Looking in the Mirror?

This guy named Will started talking to me on the bus ride home from work. He started the conversation by asking me how work was. He started telling me about his background and how hard it was for him to get a job. He said that his real passion is art and he wanted to be an artist. He has two tears tattooed on the corners of his eyes. For some reason I always think people get this kind of tattoo in jail.


So Will proceeded to tell me his life story and then he had to get off the bus. I was anticipating on him asking me for money or for my phone number to help him but he just said “hopefully we’ll see each other again to continue this conversation”. I was actually surprised by his statement. When he left i started to distinguish for myself what were my feelings of discomfort while talking to him. One of the biggest fears I noticed was the thought of him wanting something from me and that he may get forceful. And yet another level of fear that I saw in this situation is the fear of ending up like him. We are afraid of and uncomfortable with what we see in other people because it is a direct mirror of what we can’t face about ourselves.

“How we react depends upon the world we’re reacting to. Who we become, as well as what we see, is determined by perception-which can be said, simply, to create the world” (Dr. David Hawskin-Power vs. Force)

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