I was with my mom and little sister yesterday and they introduced me to this show called “I Am”, which is a documentary about Korean Pop Stars performing in Madison Square Garden. Surprisingly, I knew all the bands because of my sister’s k-pop obsession phase. Actually my mom is more into it now that she is. I wonder what it would take to become a Korean Pop Star. I can dye my hair platinum blond, wear funky costumes and learn choreographed dance routines and find out. In the documentary, they showed before and after scenes of the group members trying out for the band.  They talk about the persona on stage and how they are in real life.  I thought that was cool – to be able to separate your persona in the media and on stage from your real life.  A lot of times I think pop stars and celebrities think their fame is their life.  The inspiring thing about it for me is the amount of work and detail these people put into their craft.  They strive for perfection, and I think that is admirable.

Super Junior
Super Junior
Will.I.Am with 2Ne1


Girls Generation Opening at Madison Square Garden

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