Is That Your Real Life or Your Fake Life?

fakelifeonfacebookA co-worker of mine said she hardly ever goes on Facebook anymore. She said she just got sick and tired of seeing baby photos of her friends with their babies. I thought it was pretty funny. She said that they all look so happy and perfect but I don’t know if that’s real – it all looks so posed. I got to thinking about all the times I’ve staged a Facebook photo to make it look good. It makes me think of a photo shoot, or my friend who stages homes for sale to make them look more appealing to the buyers in an open house. I thought about all the selfies I took with my kissy lips imitating someone I saw on MTV.

It’s funny how media influences us and gets under our skin. Makes me wonder, are we imitating life based on what we see in the media or are we living life? I always see millennials glued to their phones on public transportation, even when they’re walking down the street in front of traffic (there’s actually street signs prohibiting this now in Europe and other places in the world). It really makes you think how voyeuristic Facebook is. You can look into someone’s life without them even knowing about it. I’ve creeped on Facebook before, it’s fun and a major source of time suckage.  When you look at it, it’s kind of like your public persona. It’s what you want people to see about your life. But what about the things you don’t want exposed? Those are pretty important too, right? So the question is – are you spending more time on your fake cyber life or your real life?

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