Journey to Peace

My friends and colleagues, Valerie Mrak and Virginia Zerang, are producing an amazing film entitled “Journey to Peace”, and they are seeking financial support from anyone who would be interested in their project. I had the pleasure of going to Durango, Mexico with Valerie and Virginia for our Youth Technology Corps exchange mission, and they are both amazing individuals who are making a difference. Please read the description of the “Journey to Peace” documentary below and make a donation.

Journey to Peace

We, the producers of Journey to Peace, a not-for-profit documentary, are seeking your help –

We live in a world rife with ethnic, religious, economic and territorial wars. Yet in a world where we can place a price the cost of those wars, in both dollars and lives, why aren’t we projecting the cost of continuing to live in a world without peace? We aren’t because while we have thousands of years hindsight as to the cost of war, we don’t have a precedent for putting a price on peace. We are not able to project the potential of a world where peace reigns.

So we shake our heads in despair at the daily missives on the cost of war and the loss of life – we move into denial on what those lives could have produced, how they would have advanced humanity or what those dollars could have done in pursuit of more humane initiatives. In the absence of ideas on how to make the world a more peaceful place, we let go, move on and revert into our own lives.

Yet, in the past five years we have learned that we our lives are longer insulated from violence – we cannot hide. War and acts of terrorism are no longer issues that happen to others – they happen to us. Sadly, a truism wherever we live in the world. So, we need to act – we must act.

We, the producers of Journey to Peace, a not-for-profit documentary ( currently in production, decided that the time was right to provide the world with examples – examples of individuals, ordinary citizens and spiritual leaders, who in the face of complex, difficult and violent circumstances found the courage to stay committed to non-violent action, to peace. In pursuit of this effort we have received the endorsement of The Hague Appeal for Peace and American Friends Service Committee.

When complete, Journey to Peace will heighten the opportunity we each have to become clear, resonant voices for peace. The importance of becoming a voice for peace will be validated by the example of the lives of six living peace heroes, Shirin Ebadi (Iran), Aung San Suu Kyi (Burma/Myanmar), Adolfo Perez Esquivel (Argentina), Mairead Corrigan Maquire (Ireland), Betty Williams (Ireland), and His Holiness the Dalai Lama (Tibet), each a Nobel Peace Laureate. Viewers of Journey to Peace will have the opportunity to experience the importance of expanding the possibilities for peace and ideas on how to expand those possibilities in their own lives, families and communities.

We, the producers of Journey to Peace need your help to turn this vision into reality. We invite you to participate in this unique opportunity to show the world that there are options to violence, to war, and to terrorism. This project has a $1.2M budget for the pre-production, production, location shooting and outreach. To meet this budget objective, we are in the first phase of a two-phase fundraising initiative. This is where we need you to become an advocate for peace. We need you, your family, your friends and your co-workers to make a tax deductible contribution to Journey to Peace. We are seeking donations of any denomination.

Please participate, act now and become a clear, resonant voice for peace. Make your voice heard through a tax-deductible contribution to
Journey to Peace by visiting our website today! Not only can you contribute to the documentary that will show how
to make peace a reality – you can learn more about the documentary, the producers, the Nobel Peace Laureates and our ongoing outreach efforts!

Please help us make peace an actionable reality… for more information visit our website or call…

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Journey to Peace is a not-for-profit documentary project produced by Mrakulous Productions. Visit to learn more! This e-mail is an attempt to solicit donations for production funding for the Journey to Peace documentary. If you are not interested in continuing to receive information on Journey to Peace, please hit reply and state unsubscribe in the subject line. Thank you for interest in Journey to Peace and your time and consideration.

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