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me at the rodeo in black and white, pretty cool eh?
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This is a picture that one of our students, Bernardo took of me at the rodeo in our honor at Santiago Papasquiaro. I am such a cowboy, don’t you think?

My trip with Youth Technology Corps down to Durango, Mexico was amazing. It was truly an unbelievable experience. What made it so amazing was seeing the experience through my students eyes, most of whom have never been outside of the United States before. I had the pleasure of staying with a fantastic host family, the Del Campos. I didn’t realize that I spoke fluent broken Spanish until I was forced to have a conversation with Tokio, who is the son of my host family. He goes to the COBAED school that we all worked at during our stay in Mexico. I had a two hour conversation in Spanish with Tokio my first night in Santiago Papasquiaro. It was mind-bloggling! I couldn’t sleep after our conversation because I still was in utter awe that I spoke in Spanish for two hours!!! Thank you so much for the Spanish lessons, Tokio, era una experencia genial! You were a great teacher.

And to all my students who are reading this, you guys are the best. I am so lucky to have had this experience with you all. I have been to many places in the world, but this trip was unique in that I felt completely immersed in the culture and seeing the experience through your eyes (my students). Often times when I travel, I feel like an outsider looking into the culture that I am experiencing in different countries, but this was definately a special experience. I met some wonderful people and have made some strong bonds with people involved with YTC in Chicago who I didn’t get to know better until this trip. Funny how you get to know some people who are already in your life but you didn’t know it yet until you open your eyes.

And I am such a nature boy now, ever since that trip to Tejamen right outside of Nuevo Ideal. I will never forget that drive through the valley surrounded by the Sierra Madre and that vulture flying across the sky, wow, what an experience. I think I will have that with me forever. I look forward to creating new possibilities with my students and our Mexican colleagues for years to come. It was an amazing time.

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