More Montreal Stuff

Hey, wow – I can’t believe we’re well into the month of August now. Summer is flying by so fast.

I wanted to post a few more things about Montreal that I thought would be really neat for people to check out if they are ever there on a visit. I went into a few stores and checked out a couple of restaurants and I highly suggest these places:


Groove Jeans, 397 Rue St-Catherine, Montreal, (514) 282-2098

Nation, 3875 Rue St-Denis, Montreal,

Zone, 4246 Rue St-Denis,


Galerie Orange, 81 Rue Saint-Paul Est, Montreal,


Buona Notte, 3815 St-Laurent, Montreal,

Le Cafe Cherrier, 3635 Rue St-Denis, Montreal, (514) 843-4308

Also, check out these pics from Buona Notte that Malek Racho took of us. I found them on his website

Also, check out the interview I had with Montreal’s Omar “Cito” Perez on the August Fluxcore Online Magazine update. It’s hot.

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